About author

Asel Mukhamedzhanova possesses professional qualities, which are confirmed by the appropriate education:

– PhD in Education (Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University);

– Master of Science “Teaching and Learning: Curriculum and Instruction” (Minnesota State University, Mankato).

Work experience indicates that she has managerial qualities, such as: planning skills of the organization, understanding of time management, critical thinking, the ability to rethink what is happening and draw the necessary conclusions, the ability to teach others, teamwork skills, the ability to inspire people and lead them for yourself, the ability to achieve goals and work for a result:

– teacher of English at North Kazakhstan State University (September 2004 – August 2008);

– Counselor, Education USA (October 2010 – April 2012), Manager

Career and Career Guidance Center, Nazarbayev University (September 2012 – September 2013);

– Deputy Director for Educational Affairs (March 2017 – January 2019) Educational Excellence Center, Nazarbayev University;

– Director of the Department of Continuing Education, Nazarbayev University (January 2019 – July 2019).

From August  2019 to February 2021, Mukhamedzhanova Asel holds the position of an education specialist at the World Bank (Nursultan), according to the functions performed, there is a high awareness of professional issues and knowledge in education and related areas.

Mukhamedzhanova  Asel is fluent in English, German and has a high level of information and communication competencies.

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