Gulnas Akhmetova is Kazakhstani recognized expert in education and science, scholar – educator, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, social activist. In 1974 Gulnas Akhmetova graduated with honors from Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Physics and Math.

Gulnas Akhmetova gained a good academic qualification in Moscow. She successfully defended her dissertation for research degree candidate of science after completing postgraduate taught (aspirantura) course at Pedagogical Sciences Academy of USSR.

The whole career of Gulnas Akhmetova is linked to educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From 1986 to 2010 she worked in Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. During this time she passed the main stages of institutional career: assistant – lecturer – senior lecturer – associated professor – head of department – professor of department – vice-rector of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi.

In her vice-chancellor post Gulnas Akhmetova managed activities of professional development institute at Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. Research interests of Professor Gulnas Akhmetova are focused on theoretical and methodological problems of education, its development history, theory and methods of higher professional education, high school didactics and theory of upbringing at university. She has more than 150 scientific publications. Among them are books, manuals and monographs for educators, teachers and students.

Gulnas Akhmetova was an initiator and supervisor of several research projects on republican and international level. Professor Akhmetova lectured at the universities of USA, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea on the problems of higher education and adjusting of Kazakhstan educational programs to the market economy and educational system standards of foreign countries. For several years she is a member of Editorial Board of Journals: “Vestnik NazNU”, “Aruzhan”, “Bilim-kilti”.

Gulnas Akhmetova was a chairman of expert committee of Higher Attestation Commission (2003-2005), in the present – Presidium Member of the Supervisory and Certification Committee at Education and Science Ministry of The Republic of Kazakhstan. Under the supervision of Gulnas Akhmetova successfully were defended a large number of doctoral and candidate dissertations. Gulnas Akhmetova leads a great social activity. She is an active member of “Nur Otan” party, vice-chairman of Family affairs Commission and gender politics at the Almaty City Administration.

ЗFor long-term and successful work in the field of education and science Gulnas Akhmetova was awarded ”Kurmet” Order, medals “For Valiant Labor” and “10 years of Kazakhstan Constitution” and so on. Laureate of Altynsarin scientific Award (2001), Laureate of Women Achievement Public Recognition Award “Azhar” in “Education” nomination (2006), fellow of State Scientific Scholarship for academics and professionals, who have made outstanding contributions to the development of science and technics of Kazakhstan (2006-2008). In 2007 she was awarded by sign of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Honored Worker of Education», in 2009 - «For merits in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan». From November 2011 Gulnas Akhmetova is a director of Republican institute for professional development of research and pedagogic staff of education system.

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